Lies and neoliberalism

Under neoliberalism, lies become an accepted feature of political leadership. The goal is purely to instrumentalize democratic legitimacy, in order to gain the power to make the necessary decisions that ordinary people can never understand or be persuaded of.

The fact that Obama was so astoundingly honest compared to all presidents in recent memory contributed to his weakness, because he was surrounded by habitual liars and cheats. He thought he could make the neoliberal consensus positively legitimate again, instead of just a default option supported by “spin” and demonization. That the lies that propelled Trump to the presidency were specifically about Obama is thus fitting — as is the fact that they propelled him to the presidency in an obviously democratically illegitimate way.

As ever, Trump is the parody of the neoliberal consensus, which shows us the truth of its intellectual and political bankruptcy. And the neoliberal Democrats’ answer is not to mobilize the population in protest, not to take direct action against an obviously illegitimate political structure — but to double down on elitism and technocracy by imagining that the FBI will somehow save us.

5 thoughts on “Lies and neoliberalism

  1. Roter Wedding grüsst euch, Genossen;
    Haltet die Fäuste bereit!
    Haltet die roten Reihen geschlossen,
    Dann ist der Tag nicht mehr weit!
    Kämpfen wir als Sozialisten;
    Endlich in einer Front!
    Arbeitsbrüder, Kommunisten;
    Rot Front! Rot Front!

  2. But lies in politics are a perennial difficulty since three Greek polis. It seems rather disengenius to specially link lies and neo-liberalism.

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