The New Jesus Radicals Site

The Jesus Radicals updated their website recently, and they have been putting up more material than I can currently keep up with. In addition to an overhaul of the site (its capacity and aesthetics) they have made  (at least) two significant changes: they are alternating posts from a variety of people, and they have added an ongoing series of interviews called “iconocasts.” Nekeisha and Andy Alexis-Baker were the primary administrators of the site, but they have merged with Mark Van Steenwyk (formerly from, which now redirects to Jesus Radicals). The posts I have read so far are of decent quality (not quite peer-reviewed articles, but better than typical blog posts), and are usually posts that come in a two or three part series, giving in-depth reflection and analysis. I also listened to one of the recent iconocasts, and interview with Cornell West, and I was particularly interested in West’s critical comments regarding Obama near the end of the interview (sure, plenty of people are critical of Obama, but I think West has different grounds for his comments than most critics).