CFP: “The End of the World as we Know It?” A Graduate Theology Conference

[Unfortunately, I don’t know if I will be able to make this, but I promised my friend Adam Wallis that I would spread the word here at AUFS.]


The Boston University School of Theology Doctoral Student Association invites submissions to a graduate student conference titled “The End of the World as We Know It? Religious Scholarship on Apocalyptic Themes.” The conference will be held the weekend of March 23, 2012 at Boston University. The keynote speaker will be Professor John Collins, Holmes Professor of Old Testament, Yale Divinity School.

Apocalyptic themes fill popular media – in movies such as 2012, Know1ng, and The Road, in television series like The Walking Dead, and in the news coverage of religious groups claiming the end of the world is nigh. Continue reading “CFP: “The End of the World as we Know It?” A Graduate Theology Conference”

Laruelle in New York and JCRT CFP: A Weekend Quasi-Link Post

François Laruelle will be speaking in New York City April 7th at the Miguel Abreu Gallery. This will culminate a three-day event hosted at the gallery to celebrate the release of a new book The Concept of Non-Photography which Urbanomic is publishing in association with Sequence Press. Sadly, though I will be in New York at the time, I will be a few hours North for the first day of the Syracuse University Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion conference. But I will be speaking at the Abreu Gallery with others, including Alexander Galloway, on the 6th for a panel that aims to introduce Laruelle’s work (yet again, I’m looking forward to when the man is introduce and we can start having deeper conversations about his work). I’m a bit type cast as the “theology guy” in the speculative philosophy world and I won’t be helping matters here since I’ll be speaking on the place of religion in Laruelle’s non-philosophy. You can find more information, including directions, at the Urbanomic website. If you’re planning to go and you’re a reader of the blog please do say hello to me.

T. Wilson Dickinson has also sent us the CFP for a special issue of The Journal of Cultural and Religious Theory on “Pedagogical Exercises and Theories of Practice”. More information about the issue is below the fold, but the deadline for submission is December 31st 2011 and papers should be submitted to Dickinson  ( Continue reading “Laruelle in New York and JCRT CFP: A Weekend Quasi-Link Post”