The true outsiders are a rounding error!

— Emergent Christians . . .
— “We agree on everything but what you actually mean.”
— “Influenced by everybody, but convinced by none.”
— By “influenced” you mean “randomly taking shit out of context.”
— And I’m not even opposed to that, as my own work shows — but at least construct an original mosaic from all the fragments, rather rather than just reiterating something in a slightly distorted way.
— Right, do we really need half-digested concepts from Zizek to tell us about Jesus yet again?
— It seems that for a lot of people, they’re keen on only on a hermeneutics of construction (of seeing x anew via something else, like Jesus thru Zizek); far fewer are open to the idea that this hermeneutical process, if Benjamin is to be believed, should also destroy the original idea being “illustrated.” The “truth” of Jesus being illustrated cannot just be the same as it was.
— It’s understandable why they would not be open to that, but yes.
— It would be more understandable to me if they didn’t go through their half-gesture.
— They wind up just destroying everything by shattering it against the image of Christ.
— What I don’t get is when people insist — insist — that all you have to do is look around history and the world and you’ll see a hunger for spiritual experience. When what I look around and see is people looking for commonality, for something to share; and something ineffable is about as good as you’re going to get when it comes to sharing experience.
— Yeah, I think the desire for community/commonality is much stronger than that for transcendence. Or at least more widely shared.
— It’s the same w/ the protest kids — there is power in the commonality of the cause.
— At least it gives them someone to hang out with.
— Right. But I also guess this is nothing the group could itself own up to openly — they have to be convinced that the cause is “it.”
— The thing doesn’t work if you admit to yourself that you’re dedicated to the cause because it’s a way to make friends. The cause has to seem to be primary.
— Which is why they hate outsiders. Not to say they necessarily hate them; rather, most want them to become insiders. The outside view threatens the primacy of the cause, exposing its contingency.
— So you could see them doing the “at bottom, this person is really an occupy person” strategy like the Christians.
— Absolutely. It’s in the slogan: We are the 99%.
— The true outsiders are a rounding error!