Non-Philosophy, Foucault Lecture Notes and More: A Link Post

Taylor Adkins of Speculative Heresy has finished the translation of The Dictionary of Non-Philosophy. You can download it as a pdf for free. It includes a few of my translations of entires. This is a real resource for anyone interested in coming to terms with Laruelle’s work and non-philosophy generally. Readers interested in non-philosophy may be interested to know that three Laruelle books will be coming out in the next year as well. Taylor is translating Philosophie et non-philosophie for Re:press, Rocco Gangle is translating Philosophies de la différence: Introduction critique for Continuum, and I am translating Le Christ futur: Une leçon d’hérésie for Continuum as well. All of these should be our in early 2010 and there has been some discussion of moving on to Principes de la non-philosophie shortly after and, depending on how Le Christ futur goes, I may approach Fordham or Continuum about publishing his other book on religion, Mystique non-philosophique à l’usage des contemporains (which translates into the lovely little title, Non-Philosphical Mysticism for Contemporary Use). All of which bodes well for the practice of non-philosophy in the English speaking world.

Also, Andy continues to post his summaries from Foucault’s final lecture course. He only has one summary to go before finishing the book. For those interested in Foucault and religion generally my friend Thomas Lynch has just published an article with Telos entitled “Confessions of the Self: Foucault and Augustine”. I also see another Nottingham postgrad, Patrick Aaron Riches, has published in this issue as well with the title “Political Theology and Pauline Law: Notes Toward a Sapiential Legality“.