Laruelle and Non-Philosophy giveaway

Laruelle and Non-Philosophy, co-edited by John Mullarkey and myself, has now been released in the UK (you can pre-order it in the US) and I now have seen the physical copies!


Since EUP has been pretty generous in the amount of copies they’ve given me I thought it would be nice to give a copy away. So, email me (anthonypaul.smith(at) with the subject line Laruelle Giveaway by on the 25th of this month and on the 26th I’ll randomly choose a winner.

A response to Graham Harman’s “Marginalia on Radical Thinking”

First let me say that, while this post will likely come across as confrontational, I do have a respect for Harman, particularly for his intellectual energy and literary output. I’ve never met him and can’t count him a friend, but I have corresponded with him on a few occasions. I must admit that his philosophy and politics (or lack thereof) leave me cold. A bit of context: my dissertation of 2001, which became my first book in 2004, is an analysis of networks as political systems, so I feel I have a lot to say about the topic of objects and networks. I’m also a computer programmer and, similar to someone like Ian Bogost, have actually coded the kind of object-oriented systems that OOO describes. (To his credit Harman rejects this association, claiming that “his” OO has nothing to do with computer science’s OO. But that’s a flimsy argument in my view, particularly when the congruencies are so clear. As Zizek might say, channeling Groucho Marx: if it’s called a duck, and quacks like a duck, don’t let that fool you — it really is a duck!) Continue reading “A response to Graham Harman’s “Marginalia on Radical Thinking””

The Principle of Sufficient Theology: Some Remarks on “Theology and Non-Philosophy”

My copy of The Non-Philosophy:Project: Essays by François Laruelle arrived in the mail yesterday. Up front I will admit that I have been nervous about this volume, since generally I think it is safe to say I’m part of the inner-circle of some kind of non-philosophy cabal and so tend to hear about projects related to non-philosophy. But, I knew basically nothing about this volume other than one of the editors is a theologian and that it was coming out with Telos Press Publishing and this made me very nervous since I consider Telos essentially a right-wing press, often publishing or supporting right-wing Christian political theologians work.  But that said, I was happy to see that Ray Brassier, nowhere near a right-wing Christian and often quite critical of Laruelle’s work, appears to have had a heavy hand in the volume. That suggests to me that the translations are at least excellent and though many of the essays were previously available on-line or in journals, it is nice to have a set of the occasional essays that have been floating around for a bit now. Some readers will be especially happy to see that a chapter from Introduction au non-marxisme is also included, so that will be a preview of the larger book that I’m translating and which should be out in early 2013. Continue reading “The Principle of Sufficient Theology: Some Remarks on “Theology and Non-Philosophy””

Some Short Remarks on Théorie générale des victimes and Translation Announcement

I realize I haven’t posted anything non-Laruelle (ha!) related for some time now, but I figure my adventures with teaching are basically what every new American university lecturer deals with and so may not be of interest. While I’ve been experiencing some writer’s block in relation to a few ecology pieces I’ve been trying to write for Environmental Critique, and the only other things I’ve wanted to write lately have been snarky remarks on other blogs. While sometimes entertaining, this is not an entirely healthy exercise. So, for now, all you get from me is material related to Laruelle. (I still am accepting people to the e-seminar, so far we have 16 signed up. I figure I’ll cap it at 25 or 30.) Continue reading “Some Short Remarks on Théorie générale des victimes and Translation Announcement”

Laruelle E-Seminar

Update April 10th I have received a good deal of interest. And have sent a syllabus to those who have already contacted me. We will start on May 24th, but the video of the first lecture will simply be online for you to watch when you have time. If you are interested please get in touch. I’m asking that those who can pay now do so by sending the fee via PayPal to anthonypaul(dot)smith(at)gmail(dot)com, but if you would like to talk about paying later or paying in segments we should be able to work that out. Just get in touch.

I have played around with the idea of doing an online introduction to François Laruelle’s non-philosophy. The idea would be to bring together the people interested in such a thing via the internet. I would do a live lecture that would also be record for those who can’t tune in at the proscribed time and this would be followed by question and answer through a blog devoted to the seminar. I would provide PDFs of selections of texts currently being translated and we could work out the mechanics of the other other texts on a case by case basis. I’m thinking that this would span 10-weeks starting either in May or June. The purpose of this post is to get a feel for how many people would be interested. I’m thinking that, for all the work that would go into this, it is fair to charge $50 or £25 for the whole seminar. Please leave a comment here or email me at anthonypaul(dot)smith(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know if this is something that would interest you.