Late Night Academic Confessions

We as academics (professional & independent, for-real & pretend) have all been there. Faced with a deadline and a decision: say, to blow off or not to blow off? Such a decision, like any decision, leads to another decision: in the case of our example, to lie about blowing it off or to hope nobody notices I blew it off? (The admission of guilt is rarely a viable option.) All of us here, of course, have made good and bad decisions in this general vein (to read Lacan, or to fake your way through it using an introduction?; to admit that they’ve never Iris Murdoch, or nod politely when asked? — such are the questions) — though many of us perhaps disagree about what constitutes a good or bad decision. What this means for me is that we’re all united in difference. This is what makes for the possibility of good stories: that we’ve all “been there,” but experienced it differently (often in fundamentally different ways).

Which brings me to a new semi-regular feature we’re hoping to start here at AUFS: “Late Night Academic Confessions.” Those of you familiar with the Friday Confessional at the dear-old Weblog may see instant similarities. The difference is that you will be supplying the content for this. I.e., these are YOUR academic confessions, not ours. We may sneak in our confessions about playing Wii tennis all night instead of writing a book review that was due two weeks ago, but it will be amongst and as anonymously as — yours. (ED. UPDATE: Alex has passed along a helpful, if somewhat stalkerish , site that allows one to send confessions anonymously.)
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