Book recommendation: Galatians Re-Imagined

This week, I’ve been working my way through Brigitte Kahl’s Galatians Re-Imagined: Reading with the Eyes of the Vanquished, and I recommend it heartily to all those interested in liberation readings of the New Testament. In my own attempts to develop a liberation reading of Paul, Galatians, with its seeming anti-Judaism, has proven to be a major obstacle — but Kahl’s book provides a lot of resources for radically rethinking the traditional reading. What she ends up with is basically in the tradition of Neil Elliott’s Liberating Paul, but along the way Kahl provides a lot of information that was new to me. Here are a few of the key facts. Continue reading “Book recommendation: Galatians Re-Imagined

Husserlian Recommendations

Since it’s Friday, I have a confession — I’ve never studied Husserl in any depth. This summer, I would like to remedy this gaping hole in my knowledge. Two points:

  • I have the impression that reading Ideas I, Cartesian Meditations, and Crisis of the European Sciences is sufficient to give me a good base. Is this correct?
  • I’d like to read two or three good secondaries — and my preference would be to start with “pure” secondaries rather than another great philosopher’s daring reinterpretation, etc. Any recommendations?

Thank you for your consideration.