Our next book event

In October, we are planning a book event over Ted Jennings’ book Plato or Paul? The Origins of Western Homophobia.

We will be using something approximating the new format I proposed last week, and we will be sticking with AUFS regulars this time around: Anthony, Brad, Brandy, Dan, and Jeremy.

In the lead-up to the event, we will have guest reviews over Jennings’ previous books on homoerotic narratives in the Bible, in addition to periodic open threads to keep prospective participants on task.

I always highly recommend the books we cover in our events, but in this case, I feel a particular urgency in exhorting you all to read it, because I honestly think you will not be able to look at the issue of Christian homophobia in the same way again. Ideally, one would read all three books, but Plato or Paul? is simultaneously the climax and foundation of the argument, the final and crushing blow to the common-sense notion, accepted by conservatives as well as most liberals, that the Bible “clearly condemns homosexuality.”