Boston Hunger Games: Guest Post from Rebekah Sinclair

This post is by Rebekah Sinclair and it was originally posted at her website.

A Hunger-Games-like enthusiasm best characterizes the coverage of last week’s “man hunt” after the Boston bombing. Okay, so they aren’t really the Hunger Games, and perhaps that comparison may even seem too soon and too cruel, but the similarities ought not be lost on us.

Unlike the people of Boston, who immediately chose to emulate the best in humanity—to decry violence and serve one another—the rest of America has not followed their example. Emulating instead the violence at the epicenter of the explosions—the will to do harm and failure to see life through the eyes of and with compassion for its victims—we have turned a tragic and unfortunate chase into a disturbing man hunt. We have uniquely combined the seductive retribution of Bin-Laden-chasing with the nail-biting and immanent excitement of last minute plays at a tied Super Bowl. Continue reading “Boston Hunger Games: Guest Post from Rebekah Sinclair”