A Twitter trend this afternoon is #OneDayLeft, which asks us to imagine how we would behave if we had only one day left to live. Looking at the unimaginative responses that have been posted, I responded sarcastically: “if I had #OneDayLeft I’d do some stereotypical sentimental bullshit, because isn’t that was life’s all about?” One could point to these answers as a sign of the profound meaninglessness of contemporary American life, etc., etc. Yet the fundamental problem is not with the vacuous answers, but with the question, which is literally meaningless.

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An Executive Summary of the Recent Žižek Interview

So on the one hand, all these so-called radicals who don’t do anything, or want all their real revolutions elsewhere suck, but on the other hand so do the people who protested the Iraq War cause they “knew” it wouldn’t make a difference just like people who say “if you’re here you’re from here”, but at the same time we have to fight little battles when we can, but those won’t matter unless we change everything and I didn’t understand the thesis of Empire. The beer-goggled night when all souls are beautiful.