Marika Rose

PhD, 2014, Durham University; Theology.

  • Dissertation: ‘A Theology of Failure: Ontology and Desire in Slavoj Žižek and Christian apophaticism’ (passed without corrections)
  • Examiners: Professor Tina Beattie (external) and Professor Karen Kilby (internal).
  • Dissertation supervisors: Dr Marcus Pound and Professor Gerard Loughlin.

MA, 2009, Durham University, Christian Theology.

  • Thesis title: ‘Language and ethics in Judith Butler and Dionysius the Areopagite’ (awarded with distinction)

BA (Hons), 2005, St John’s College, Cambridge University, Theology and Religious Studies.

  • 2.i.


Winchester University, Department of Theology, Religion and Philosophy
Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophical Theology, 2016-

Durham University, CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology
Research Fellow, 2014-2016 (staff page)

Durham University, Department of Theology and Religion
Associate Lecturer, 2015-2016

Newcastle University, Combined Honours Department
Associate Lecturer, 2013-2014

Durham University, Department of Theology and Religion & Combined Honours Department
Teaching Assistant, 2010-2013

Journal Articles
Machines of loving grace: angels, cyborgs, and postsecular labour’ in Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 16.2 (2017), 240-259.

“It’s not the money but the love of money that is the root of all evil”: social subjection, machinic enslavement and the limits of Christian social teaching’ in Religions 7.103 (2016), 1-12.

Editorial: Radical Theologies: Why Philosophers Can’t Leave Christianity Alone’ in Modern Believing 57.3 (2016), 221-227.

The Christian Legacy is Incomplete: For and Against Žižek’ in Modern Believing, 57.3 (2016), 267-279.

The mystical and the material: Slavoj Žižek and the French reception of mysticism’ in Sophia 53.2 (2014), 231-240.

The body and ethics in Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologiae’ in New Blackfriars 94.1053 (2013), 540-551.

Patristics after Foucault: Genealogy, History and the Question of Justice’ in Studia Patristica 62.10 (2013), 115-120.

The Stone that the Builders Rejected: Work, Empire and the Two Faces of the Bible’ in Postscripts 7.3 (2011) [2016], 305-310.

Book chapters

Not peace but a sword: Dionysius, Žižek and the question of ancestry in philosophy and theology’ in Mystical Theology and Continental Philosophy; Interchange in the Wake of God, edited by Simon Podmore, Duane Williams and David Lewin (Farnham: Ashgate, 2017), 245-258.

For Our Sins: Christianity, Complicity and the Racialized Construction of Innocence’ in Exploring Complicity: Concepts, Cases and Critique, edited by Robin Dunford, Afxentis Afxentiou and Michael Neu (London: Rowman and Littlefield, 2017), 53-64.

Scholarly Reviews

Review of Elliot R. Wolfson, Giving Beyond the Gift: Apophasis and Theomania (New York: Fordham University Press, 2014) in Journal of Modern Jewish Studies 16.2 (2017), 350-351.

Review of Ted Jennings, An Ethic of Queer Sex: Principles and Improvisations (Chicago: Explorations Press, 2013) in Theology and Sexuality 21.3 (2015), 229-231.

Review of Anne Clements, Mothers on the Margin?: The Significance of Women in Jesus’ Genealogy (Cambridge: James Clark & Co., 2014) in Theology and Sexuality, 21.3 (2015), 220-221.

Review of Clayton Crockett and Jeffrey W. Robbins, Religion, Politics and the Earth: The New Materialism (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) in Political Theology 15.6 (2014), 566-568.

Review of Jean-Luc Marion, The Erotic Phenomenon (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007) in Theology and Sexuality, 18.2 (2012), 158-160.

Review of John Milbank and Slavoj Žižek, The Monstrosity of Christ: Paradox or Dialectic (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2009), in International Journal of Žižek Studies 4.4 (2010).

Review of Matthew Sharpe and Geoff Boucher, Žižek and Politics: A Critical Introduction (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2010), in Political Theology 13.2 (2012), 264-266.

Invited Lectures

‘New Approaches to Systematic Theology’, Modern Doctrine Seminar, Oxford University, November 2016.

‘The Uses of German Idealism: Žižek’s Political Monotheism’, German Idealism and the Future of Political Theology, Humboldt University of Berlin, April 2016.

‘Crisis of judgement: on the juridical logics of Christian identity’, ‘Crisis: Knowledge, History, Law’ workshop, Kent Law School, January 2016.

Roundtable discussion: ‘Surveillance and Digital Discipleship’ with Dr Eric Stoddart and Joshua Mann, DthM Summer School, Cranmer Hall, Durham, September 2015.

‘“Beyond assertion and denial”: silence and speech in Žižek and mystical theology’, New Voices in Critical Theory: School of Arts, Languages and Cultures seminar series, Manchester University, February 2015.

Respondent to Dr Scott A. Shalkowski, ‘No Cheating Allowed’, Northumbrian Triangle Colloquium on Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology, Durham University, December 2014.

Conference Presentations
‘Tongues of Fire, Thrones of Fire: angels and the Spirit in Dionysius the Areopagite and Thomas Aquinas’, Christian Systematic Theology Section, American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, San Antonio, November 2016 (proposal accepted).

‘Fantasies of Europe: Žižek, liberation theology and the refugee crisis’, Liberation Theologies Group and Religion, Holocaust and Genocide Group, American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, San Antonio, November 2016 (proposal accepted).

‘Deus in machina: postsecularism and technological re-enchantment’, ‘A Postsecular Age? New Narratives of Religion, Science and Society’, Ian Ramsey Centre conference, University of Oxford, July 2016.

‘Heavenly Machines: angels, cyborgs and the future of humanity’, Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference, April 2016.

‘Machines of loving grace: angels, cyborgs and the liberation of work’, ‘Thinking Critically about the Future(s) of the Human’ panel, Theology and Continental Philosophy Group, American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Atlanta, November 2015.

‘Machines of loving grace: angels, cyborgs and the liberation of work’, Political Theology: The Liberation of the Postsecular, Association for the Continental Philosophy of Religion, Liverpool Hope University, July 2015.

‘But she is our mother: Christian genealogy and ecclesial identity’, Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, April 2015.

‘Washed in the blood: unclean hands and the question of complicity’, Complicity conference, Brighton University, March 2015.

‘Holy Mothers of God’, Radical Interpretations of the Bible Conference, Sheffield University, January 2015.

‘“Not peace but a sword”: ontology and desire in Slavoj Žižek and mystical theology’, Mystical Theology and Continental Philosophy Conference, Liverpool Hope University, July 2014.

Invited response to Mathew Guest, ‘Gender and career progression in theology and religious studies’, Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference, Durham University, April 2014.

‘Beyond assertion and denial: silence and speech in Slavoj Žižek and mystical theology’, Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference, Durham University, April 2014.

‘The work of love: pedagogy, authority and desire’, Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference, University of Nottingham, April 2013.

‘The mystical and the material: Slavoj Žižek and the French reception of mysticism’, Mystical Theology: Eruptions from France, All Hallows College, Dublin, January 2013.

‘Theology as irresponsibility’, Society for the Study of Theology Postgraduate Conference, Cambridge University, December 2012.
‘Creation as trauma: on Derrida, Žižek, and the violence of the gift’, Society for the Study of Theology Annual Conference, York St John University, March 2012.

‘Violence and creation in Grace Jantzen and Slavoj Žižek’, Borders and Boundaries, University of Roehampton, March 2012.

‘Nothing is needful, everything is for joy: desiring the other in Dionysius the Areopagite and Slavoj Žižek’, Contemporary Theological Explorations in Christian Mysticism, University of Oxford, January 2012.

Response to panel papers on Foucault and Patristics, International Patristics Conference, Oxford University, August 2011.

‘Jesus and genitals: Judith Butler, gender, and the Jesus-of-discourse’ with Michael Thate, Demystifying Public Engagement: Gender & Sexuality Studies Beyond the Academy, Newcastle University, May 2011.

‘Slavoj Žižek and apophatic theology’, Perspectives from where we stand: Theology and Religion Postgraduate Research Day, Durham University, March 2011.

‘Angels and embodiment in Thomas Aquinas’, Catholic Theology Postgraduate Research Day, University of Nottingham, November 2010.

Teaching Qualifications
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (awarded 2014).
Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (awarded 2013).

Teaching Experience

January 2016- Postdoctoral Fellow in Philosophical Theology, University of Winchester. Courses taught:

  • The Many Faces of Jesus
  • Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • Senior Seminar

October 2015- June 2016 Independent Learning Project (level 3) supervisor, Cranmer Hall, Durham University.

October 2015-June 2016 Adjunct lecturer (including course design), Durham University. Course taught:

  • The Making of Modern Christianity: Medieval and Reformation Europe (module handbook)

May 2015- Visiting lecturer, Sarum College, Salisbury. Course taught:

  • Mass Culture: Theological engagement and spiritual practice (MA module).

February 2015- Lecturer, Cranmer Hall, Durham University. Course taught:

  • Topics in Christian Doctrine

October 2013-Aug 2014 Module Leader, Newcastle University. Course taught:

  • The Art of Theological Reflection (level 1)

October 2012- Aug 2013 Teaching Assistant, Durham University. Courses taught:

  • Theology and Science (level 2)
  • God, Freedom and the Soul (level 2)
  • Perspectives on Human Nature (Combined Honours Programme) (level 1)

Oct 2011 – Aug 2012 Teaching Assistant, Durham University. Courses taught:

  • Introduction to Christian Theology I (level 1)
  • Topics in Christian Ethics (level 2)
  • Perspectives on Human Nature (Combined Honours Programme) (level 1)
  • Oct 2010 – Aug 2011

Teaching Assistant, Durham University.
Courses taught:

  • Christianity in Context (level 1)
  • God, Freedom and the Soul (level 2)
  • Perspectives on Human Nature (Combined Honours Programme) (level 1)

– Board of editors, ‘Reframing Continental Philosophy of Religion’ (Rowman & Littlefield), July 2015-present.
– Reviews editor, Theology and Sexuality (Maney Publishing), January 2012– present.
– Peer reviewer, Rowman and Littlefield, Theology and Sexuality, Angelaki, Radical Philosophy Review and Horizons, the Journal of the College Theology Society.

– Seminar convenor, ‘Philosophy and Theology’ stream, Society for the Study of Theology, 2016, 2017.
– Co-organiser and panel chair, ‘Stanley Hauerwas at Durham University’ colloquium, September 2012.
– Co-organiser, ‘Blurring Boundaries between Theology and Religion’ postgraduate research day, Durham, March 2012.
– Panel chair, ‘Religion and Liberation’ conference, Durham University, December 2010.

Departmental committees, Durham University
Board of Examiners, Cranmer Hall, 2015-
Postgraduate Student Representative, Durham University, October 2011–October 2012:
– Staff-Student Consultative Committee
– Postgraduate Education Committee
– Board of Studies

Research Assistance
Research Assistant to Dr Marcus Pound for the project ‘Receptive Ecumenism and the Local Church’ Durham University, January 2011–January 2012.

Public Engagement
Marika Rose: A Theology of Irresponsibility’, Freestyle Christianity podcast interview, 1 March 2016.
Sermon at Jesus College, Cambridge, ‘Digital Bodies’, February 2016.
Invited article in the Bible Society’s Bible in TransMission magazine, ‘In a screen, darkly’, Spring 2016.
Short article, ‘Hope and Expectation’ in The Holy Biscuit advent publication ‘Now & Not Yet’, November 2015
Invited talk at the Premier Digital Conference, November 2015, ‘Creating a new humanity’.
Invited talk at Breathing Space local theology group, ‘Who would Jesus troll?’, November 2015.
Cited in The Debrief, ‘Could inspirational quotes be Instagram’s biggest invisible cult?’  30 September 2015.
Invited article in Preach magazine, ‘This is my body: digital theology for preachers’, Autumn 2015.
Short theological piece for the Digital Pilgrimage Project Exhibition, Newcastle’s Cathedral Church of St Nicholas, April-May 2015.
Shortlisting panel for the Jerusalem Awards, 2015-present.
Invited article in idea mag: ‘Can we keep our virtual identity virtuous?
Invited talk at Breathing Space local theology group, ‘Reconnecting Christianity with the Material World’
Seminar at the Christian New Media Conference (with Danny Walker), ‘Transforming doctrine: being right, having rights, getting it right’, 1 November 2014.
Contributor to Premier Radio debate, ‘Is it wrong to seek miracles?’ 16th September 2014.
‘Worship and Play in a Digital Age’, workshop with Tim Hutchings at Spiritus Festival of Christian Spirituality and Prayer, September 2014.
Member of Greenbelt Festival Talks Planning Team, 2012-present.
Greenbelt Festival Contributor, 2012-present. Topics have included ‘Which Christian Feminism?’, angels and cyborgs, radical theology and marriage.
Chair of ‘Outing Ageing: A Public Conversation’ at The Holy Biscuit art gallery, Newcastle, September 2013.
Agnes Martin, Psychoanalysis and Laughter‘ – online art theory residency with Becky Hunter,, July 2012.

Professional Associations
American Academy of Religion
Member of the Society for the Study of Theology
Fellow of The Higher Education Academy
Member of The European Society for Women in Theological Research
Member of the Matariki Risk Humanities Network
Member of Theology and Politics North group

Updated June 3, 2016.